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Branding provides a product with its own identity in the marketplace through the use of specific names, symbols, terms, or designs. There are several different types of branding to consider when working with your product development consulting company.

Manufacturer branding vs. private labels:

A “manufacturer brand” or “national brand” is a brand directly associated with the product manufacturer. If products aren’t differentiated well in the market, they can also benefit from association with the store that sells them. Private-label products like skin creams and pain relievers are routinely offered by major drugstore chains, for example.

Individual branding and family brands:

If a firm has enough capital resources, they might give products separate identities. This is “individual branding,” and often applies to items like detergent or candies, as well as items aimed at very specific target audiences. However, firms with multiple offerings within a single category, like cereal or soups, often choose to market a variety of products under the same family brand.


There are a variety of methods to strategically links two or more existing brands in order to create a new product’s identity. This branding method, called Co-branding, involves two or more brands sharing a promotion. Hertz and Hilton Hotels, for example, could jointly advertise for vacationers.

Let CBS Product Development Consultants Optimize Your Brand

The principals at CBS have extensive experience in branding & product development services, and how to optimize the pathways to market. Alongside our business analysis consulting and strategic planning services, let CBS brand consulting help you develop and expand your paroducts in the marketplace.


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