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CBS Strategies offers patent development consulting to businesses of all sizes. Our experienced professionals can assist you in getting your patents and intellectual properties to market.

Intellectual Properties (IPs) are inventions, artistic and literary works, names, symbols, designs, and images used in commerce. There are two categories of Intellectual Properties: Industiral property includes patents on inventions, trademarks, geographical indications of source, and industrial design. Copyright includes literary and artistic works like poems, novels, films, plays, musical works, drawings, paintings, sculpture, other artistic works, and architectural designs.

Information On Patent Development Services

Patents grant, for a limited time, the property right of an invention. Patents include the right to prohibit others from copying, selling, or importing the patent-holder's invention. In general, an invention must fulfill the following: It must be of practical use, show an element of novelty (some new characteristic otherwise unknown in the existing body of knowledge in that specific field) and its subject matter must be accepted by law as "patentable."

The principals at CBS have extensive experience in patents, Intellectual property and the pathways to get them to market. In some cases, a patent may not offer the best avenue or protection of your product. Also, many are unaware that a single patent is not universal. The preparation of the patent, drawings, presentation, filing method and strategic countries should all be considered along with the marketing plan and budget. Intellectual property and patents are key elements that investors look for in new companies as a means of competitive advantage. Let CBS help you protect ideas, save money, time and get the best results from your invention.


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